Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Truth Teller's Radio Episode 14 - The Arduous Saga of Julian Assange

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100% Proof! Russian Collusion was a Hoax Designed to Impeach Trump and Divert Attention from Internal Email Leak & Clinton Criminal Activities:

Trump Completely Wrong About Julian Assange - AG Jeff Sessions Makes Arresting Julian Assange A Priority - Petition to Donald Trump to Pardon Julian Assange:

Petition to Donald Trump to Pardon Julian Assange:

Report: Hillary Clinton considered drone attack on Julian Assange:

Julian Assange: Nihilist or Hero?:

WikiLeaks founder Assange claims he made 50,000% return on bitcoin thanks to the US government:

Truth Teller's Radio Episode 15 - Stopping Bullying and Why Donald Trump is NOT a Bully

They make fun of his skin, his hair, his speech, his intelligence, and slander him with vile insults such as racist without a shred of ...